Small Cap Growth

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A long-only, capital appreciation focused, small cap growth equity strategy invested exclusively in companies that have achieved profitability. Bottom-up stock selection is used to build a diversified, high-conviction portfolio of 40-55 stocks with market capitalizations generally between $200 million and $7 billion.

The objective of the Small Cap Growth strategy is to participate in up-markets and protect in down-markets in order to outperform its Russell 2000 Growth Index benchmark on a net of fees basis over a full market cycle and at lower levels of risk, as defined by the standard deviation of returns.

Investment Philosophy

Profitability provides tangible evidence of the viability of a company’s business model, increasing the probability of sustainable earnings growth and price appreciation.

The use of traditional research and valuation metrics is more insightful and reliable when applied to profitable companies, compared to the speculation necessary when analyzing unprofitable enterprises.

What differentiates Campbell Newman Small Cap Growth


We only buy the stocks of companies that are profitable on a trailing 4-quarters basis


Proprietary bottom-up research/stock selection process; portfolio managers also serve as analysts


Absolute return focus with upside participation, downside protection in a low turnover portfolio of carefully selected stocks