Small Cap Growth

The Small Cap Growth strategy is intended for investors who are seeking long-term capital appreciation by investing in a portfolio of high-quality growth companies with market capitalizations typically between $200 million and $7 billion. The objective of the Campbell Newman Small Cap Growth strategy is to consistently outperform the Russell 2000 Growth Index over rolling three-year periods at lower levels of risk, as defined by standard deviation of returns.

Once the active research universe has been established, we prioritize resources and research efforts on those companies that exhibit price momentum and positive quarterly earnings surprises. The research process is almost exclusively bottom-up, however top-down elements can be included, especially when broadly assessing if management’s outlook is plausible. Most frequently, top-down elements are used to help us confirm or reject the potential drivers of a company’s growth or an underlying investment thesis. Macro-economic factors considered among the most important in the investment process are the level of and term structure of interest rates, demographic trends, capital spending patterns and government regulation. The portfolio contains a diversified, high conviction list of between 45 and 55 stocks.